Can we adjust the deadband or the differential in the UE pressure switches?

It can be adjusted thanks to the option microadjustable.

This microruptor includes a dial for adjusting in the adequate way the differential or the deadband. The option is 1519 or 1520 and is available in most equipments.

Can we offer more than one setting point in one instrument?

Yes, it is possible.

United Electric Controls offers equipment with 2 or 3 independent adjustment points for the Series 400 (IP65 weatherproof) and 2 adjustment points for the Series 120 (ATEX flameproof).

In a pressure switch, what is the difference between working range pressure and maximum range pressure?

The range or working pressure (Over Range Pressure) is the pressure within which the presostat can work, without that the equipment could be damaged nor should any kind of adjustment be necessary.

The maximum working pressure (Proof Pressure) is the maximum pressure to which the equipment can be submitted, but the adjustment can be necessary.

Is it necessary to indicate that I want to connect the Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) contacts?

It is not necessary to mention.

All our equipments are provided with a contact Normally Open (NO), Normally Closed (NC) and common ©.

What is the difference between a Pressure Regulator and a Back Pressure Regulator?

With a pressure regulator (PR) we tend to maintain the pressure adjusted downstream from the regulator.
There is always more pressure upstream than downstream.

With the Back Pressure Reculator, we guarantee that downstream from the regulator there is not more pressure than the adjusted pressure. Acts in a similar way as a security valve does, with much more precision.

Do we have pressure regulators with venting or purging, and pressure regulators without venting?

In addition, it can work in a permanent way. We have pressure regulators with venting or purge, especially indicated in processes where we have to increase or lower the adjustment pressure without an on-line consumption to exist.

As well as pressure regulators without venting, that are used when the gases or liquids to regulate are toxic, corrosive or dangerous.

Are double step regulators available?

Yes, we have two stage pressure regulators. This type of pressure regulator ensures that the output pressure will not increase if the input pressure to the regulator decreases.

The effect of increasing the output pressure is obtained using single stage regulators. These are connected to a gas bottle, as the gas is used up the input pressure declines and the output pressure increases, with no need to adjust the regulator.