Gometrics provides reliable calibration solutions and recording, regulating, alarm and control systems for the most common process magnitudes in the industry.

Gometrics has almost 50 years of history and has always been committed to providing the best service to the industry.
Our company’s strategy is to find the right balance between represented products and our own designed and manufactured products, thereby building up a large range of products related to instrumentation and process instruments calibration.

GOMETRICS INSTRUMENTS are measuring and calibration equipment manufactured by GOMETRICS. Many companies in various countries rely on the reliability and guarantee of our brand.

With the MF680 calibration is now in your hands

The MF680 multifunction process calibrator manufactured by Gometrics is an instrument that combines technology, robustness and ease of use. Ideal for field adjustments or calibrations of a wide variety of process instruments, an ideal compromise between performance, dimensions, ease of use and cost.

The MF680 calibrator is a microprocessor-based digital pressure gauge. The instrument is internally equipped with a strain gauge sensor in stainless steel for ranges above 1 bar.

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Gometrics services

Servicios de calibración en planta

Field calibration services

Gometrics has a team of experienced technicians, equipped with precise instruments. We can also provide an extensive list of references from both Spanish and international customers.

Mapeo validaciones térmicas

Thermal mapping and validation

We have the data collecting instruments and knowledge of technical standards and legislation needed for this kind of project. References are available on request.

Cualificación y validación sistemas

Systems qualification and validation

Our team developed a strong reputation in performing systems qualifications across different sectors of the industry.

Especialistas de caudal y fugas

Maintenance agreements and technical assistance

The equipment we supply comes with maintenance and technical support guarantees, and we also offer optional specific maintenance or software update contracts.

More products

Process instruments and accessories

Alarms, transmitters, leak verification devices, process signal indicators, pressure regulators, pitot tubes, leak calibration systems, potable or waste water treatment systems, coupling and connections, valves and manifolds, etc.

Recorders, data loggers, baths, climatic chambers

We are the exclusive distributors of the products of companies in the fields of recording and storing environmental data, data acquisition, climatic chambers, baths, pass-through for clean chambers, etc.

Calibration solutions and services

We design and manufacture digital manometers, electronic signal and temperature simulators, portable ATEX equipment, modular panels, instruments bags and cases

Control and monitoring laboratory standards

We represent brands that supply primary pressure and flow standards and market-leading calibration technology.

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