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Calibration Services

Gometrics has a laboratory accredited by ENAC in the areas of pressure,
temperature, relative humidity and electrical signals

Gometrics Instruments MGP2

Standard gas diluter and mixer

A precision gas mixer tailored to your needs

Gometrics Instruments DR72

Digital pressure gauge and transmitter

Versatile and robust


Gometrics, your partner for calibration and process instrumentation solutions

Gometrics has almost 50 years of history and has always been committed to providing the best service to the industry. Our company’s strategy is to find the right balance between represented products and our own designed and manufactured products, thereby building up a large range of products related to instrumentation and process instruments calibration.

GOMETRICS INSTRUMENTS are measuring and calibration equipment manufactured by GOMETRICS. Many companies in various countries rely on the reliability and guarantee of our brand.


News and technical articles

Gometrics to participate in the 7th Spanish Metrology Congress

Gometrics will be present at the 7th Spanish Metrology Congress organized by the Spanish Metrology Center (CEM), on September 27-29, 2022 in Avila. We will show some of our spotlight products, such as the Gometrics Gas mixer, Furness Controls Extra low pressure primary standard, and Beamex ePG electric pressure pump, among others.

uestro laboratorio de calibración

Our calibration laboratory is still active in summer

Gometrics continues to calibrate during July and August 2022. The pressure, temperature, humidity and electrical areas of our ISO17025-ENAC-accredited laboratory will remain active to serve you. You can send us your pressure gauges, transmitters, temperature probes, thermo-hygrometers, flowmeters, rotameters, multifunction calibrators, indicators, among other equipment. We will return them calibrated and adjusted as soon as possible.

Laboratorio ENAC

Expansion of ENAC laboratory calibration capacity

It is official: we have received notification from the Spanish National Accreditation Body ENAC of a major expansion in the measurement and calibration capacity of our accredited laboratory. Thanks to this new scope, we will be able to better serve our customers’ calibration needs. This is a very important improvement in terms of temperature and relative humidity.

New T310 digital pressure gauge with excellent features

The T310 digital pressure gauge belongs to the renewed Tinycal series designed and manufactured by Gometrics. This portable instrument can perform both the tasks of a pressure gauge and a milliammeter at the touch of a key. This feature makes it possible to calibrate electronic pressure equipment – transmitters, converters, etc. – using a single instrument.