Reference temperature monitor RTM1-8

The RTM1-8 reference digital thermometer is a benchtop instrument designed and manufactured by Gometrics for temperature indication with a very high level of precision and extremely high stability over time, giving this instrument a degree of reliability only offered by sophisticated laboratory instruments.

The RTM1-8 temperature monitor accepts RTD and thermocouples. It incorporates a 16-bit microprocessor for characterization calculations in resistance-temperature conversion (for RTD) and voltage-temperature conversion (for TC).

The equipment implements in its mathematical algorithms the decaracterization polynomials, making the conversion error Ohms or mV – temperature 10 times less than the resolution of the instrument.

The RTM1-8 incorporates a 24-bit resolution A/D converter, which together with the electronic circuit design achieves high repeatability and measurement reliability.



  • Very high accuracy level
  • Extremely high stability over time
  • High repeatability and measurement reliability
  • Calibration of thermoresistances
  • Calibration of thermocouples with sheath insulation
  • PC temperature recording
  • Measurement of R and mV
  • R&D Projects
  • Up to 8, with independently configurable input type
  • 1 sec. mV, 2 sec. Resistance
  • It can read temperature probes DIN 43760 according to the industrial standard IEC-751.
Technical specifications


2 x 20 digits LCD 5.5 mm high, backlit (optional touch)

Nº de canales

Up to 8, with types of input that can be set independently

Reading time of a measurement

1 sec mV, 2 sec. Resistance

Input impedance

> 10 MOhm (mV, T / C), 1 MOhm V and 5 Ohm (mA)


230 Vac ± 10%, 50/60 Hz (optional 110 Vac)


1.5 kg


200 x 223 x 90 mm

Storage temperature

-10 ºC to 60 ºC

Operating temperature

0 ºC to 50 ºC

Environment humidity

0% to 80% RH without condensation

Temperature coefficient

± 0.0005% RDG / ºC (resistance measurement only)

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