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At Gometrics we are experts in instrument calibration. Our laboratories have ISO 17025 and ENAC accreditation for pressure, temperature, humidity and electricity. We calibrate your instruments in 5 days. Experienced technical team. High precision isothermal patterns and media. Pressure, temperature, humidity, electricity and gas laboratories. Express pick-up and delivery service.

The MF680 from Gometrics Instruments is the new multi-function handheld calibrator designed for industrial maintenance professionals. The MF680 gauge is a microprocessor based precision pressure gauge and digital indicator.

is a technology-based company with production facilities in Barcelona and Madrid. For more than four decades, it has been offering reliable solutions for the calibration and control of industrial processes. The Gometrics Instruments division has an R&D&I department that develops calibration instruments and software specially designed for maintenance professionals in different industries (gas, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, aeronautics, metallurgy, food, etc.). Gometrics also provides professional on-site services and has a laboratory accredited by
for pressure, temperature and relative humidity.

RTMetrics Standard Thermometer

As a result of Gometrics experience in the world of industrial and laboratory instrumentation, the standard thermometer has been designed.
. This is a high precision thermometer to be used in the laboratory or on the workbench.

In order to carry out calibrations, tests or other types of tests in which the obtaining of results requires a high level of precision, it is necessary to use instruments in accordance with the results to be obtained. It is not permissible for the use of unsuitable equipment to degenerate or falsify the data of the item under test.

The RTMetrics temperature reference monitor allows the measurement of electrical quantities with their corresponding temperature (thermocouples and resistance thermometers) including a series of improvements that extend the accuracy range of these measurements.

To know all the details, click here.

IGM gas mixer


is an advanced, highly accurate calibrator and communicator with outstanding functionality from the brand.
. It is a multi-function calibrator-documenter and communicator that provides calibration functions for pressure, temperature and various electrical signals. It also contains a complete fieldbus communicator for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Profibus PA compatible instruments.
Communicates with the calibration management software, allowing for fully automated and paperless calibration and documentation.
Beamex CMX
This allows calibrations to be performed and documented in a fully automated and paperless manner. The MC6-Ex can also be part of a paperless integration into the ERP system itself.

has a collection of technical white papers and e-books related to the field of calibration. Among them you will find interesting information on data integrity, traceability, calibration in hazardous areas, uncertainty calculations, etc. Also included is the e-book “Ultimate Calibration 2nd edition” published by Beamex with information on calibration terms and a total of 19 articles spread over 203 pages. You can access by clicking here.


This video shows the specificities of the new mass flow controllers of the Biotech series of the American manufacturer Brooks Instruments, specially designed for bioprocesses. Biotech Performance and Biotech Premium are advanced devices capable of controlling the complex production process with a very wide control range, extremely low leakage probability, improved sensor design and multiple gas pages.

In this video,
Brooks Instrument
presents the theory of operation of our SLA series thermal MFCs (mass flow controllers). And then the new GT1600glass tube rotameter.


Excela is an electronic pressure switch/thermostat designed to replace the classic mechanical pressure switches with electronic ones. It needs only two wires, so it can easily be placed in the existing installation of a pressure switch or mechanical thermostat, without the need for new wiring, additional cards in the DCS or costly software modifications. This high quality electronic pressure/temperature switch/thermostat offers many advantages to process engineers and technicians. Excela combines the advantages of a mechanical pressure switch (reliability) with the advantages of a modern electronic transmitter (local indication, monitoring, configuration).


Xpertlog systems from
Lives International
Xpertlog systems represent the state of the art in wireless acquisition systems. They are robust systems, suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical industry even in harsh environments.
XpertLog GDP is the most reliable datalogger on the market for high precision measurements, covering all applications in the range of -40 °C to 85 °C.

Data loggers for thermal mapping and validation, GPS tracking systems for the cold chain, thermocouple-based systems, thermal mapping software.

The best way to ensure the quality and safety of your cold chain shipments with Lives International’s XperTrack GPS tracking device.


With more than 30 years of project experience, EP-E is Germany’s leading solution provider in the field of flow, pressure and leak testing as well as gas measurement technology.

The test bench is specially designed for calibration of domestic gas meters (diaphragm gas meters, ultrasonic gas meters, thermoelectric gas meters). The test stand has a modular design – it is possible to combine clamping points from 1×6 to 4×6 for gas meters. Modular design allows 1 to 12 gas meters to be tested simultaneously. At the same time, up to twelve test specimens can be adapted, operated and tested for tightness. Tightness tests are carried out automatically.
Gas meters are tested at three or more measuring points. A three sonic nozzle charger is used as a flow sensor. The nozzle magazine can be changed with just a few hand movements, so that up to five different types of gas meters can be calibrated on one test stand.
Optionally, a nozzle drum with nine combinable nozzles can be used. This reduces the generation of up to 512 different flow points.
This means that all five types of gas meters G1.6…G10 can be tested without changing the nozzle.


  • High long-term stability due to the use of sonic nozzles
  • Maximum precision thanks to the use of sonic nozzles
  • Optimal capacity utilization – short process times
  • Integrated plausibility check of the meter signal
  • Automated meter monitoring
  • Fast and stable adjustment of the air flow rate
  • Modular system from 1 to 24 units
  • Long-term stable measuring elements – low recalibration effort