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Gometrics multifunction portable calibrator MF680

An ideal instrument for field adjustments or calibrations of process instruments

The MF680 multifunction process calibrator manufactured by Gometrics is an instrument that combines technology, robustness and ease of use. Ideal for field adjustments or calibrations of a wide variety of process instruments, an ideal compromise between performance, dimensions, ease of use and cost.

The MF680 calibrator is a microprocessor-based digital pressure gauge. The instrument is equipped internally with a strain gauge sensor in stainless steel for ranges above 1 bar.

The new MF680 can also measure or generate current simultaneously. The indication of both variables on the display saves time, while the possibility to work in percentage values for input and output signals reduces the risk of error in the calibration of pressure transmitters.


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  • Double reading: pressure and current on the same display,
  • Active or passive indication (with or without 24 Vdc source) configurable from the calibrator itself,
  • Datalogger for data recording and storage.


  • Versatile and easy to handle
  • Economical
  • Integrated coefficients
  • Intuitive, multi-language menu for easy access to pressure measurement, metering or current and voltage generation functions.


  • Calibration of pressure measurement instruments and electrical signals.
  • Multifunctional capability to calibrate different instruments: digital gauges, pressure gauges, contact-type pressure alarms and pressure or electrical transmitters.

Technical specifications

Pressure uncertainty 0,25% FS – 0,10% FS – 0,05% FS
Pressure: internal sensor range Min. 0-25 mbar – Max. 0-350 bar
Pressure: external sensor range Min. 0-25 mbar – Max. 0-1000 bar
Resolution Graphical display
Process connection 1/8″ BSP M internal 60º taper
Leak test Yes
Contact test Yes
Barometric sensor Optional
Certification ENAC calibration certificate
Electrical Signal Uncertainty 0.025% FS
Electrical signals reading range mA 0 – 55 mA with external FA
Electrical signals reading range mA 0.025% FS
Electrical signals read range mV 0 – 200 mV
Electrical signals reading range V 0 – 50 Vdc
A.F. 24 Vdc internal Yes
Simultaneous reading Yes
Error indication % Yes
MA generation 0 – 25 mA
mV output 0 – 200 mV
Voltage generation 0 – 10 Vdc
After sales service Yes
Dimensions Length: 185 mm – Width: 97 mm – Height: 52 mm
Weight 500 g
Batteries NiMH rechargeable
Autonomy (typical) 12 hours
Charger Yes
Warranty 3 years

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