5850EMH Series

5850EMH Series High Temperature Mass Flow Controllers

Proven long-term stability. Ultra-pure performance for high temperature applications.

Models 5850EMH / 5851EMH

Offering state of the art performance in high temperature gas measurement and control, the 5850EMH Series high temperature metal sealed mass flow controller from Brooks Instrument combines the outstanding leak integrity of metal seals with a variety of options allowing maximum application flexibility. The heart of the 5850EMH Series is the highly stable sensor which provides an electrical output signal linear with flow rate. This signal is used for indicating, recording and/or control purposes without the need for an auto-zero circuit.


  • High leak integrity (less than 10-11 Pa.m3/s (10-10 atm.cc/s) He)
  • Wide flow range (0.003 – 100 slpm)
  • High-purity VAR 316L Stainless Steel
  • Particulate-free
  • Helium leak check ports
  • Normally closed valve (normally open valve optional)
  • Electrically-activated valve override
  • Low command flow cutoff
  • TTL compatible “valve off” function
  • Stable, proven product platform
  • High flow capability up to 100 lpm (N2 equivalent)
  • All-metal flow path enhances gas purity and reduces leaks
  • Easily installed and serviced with analog only input/outputs
Key Applications
  • Optical Fiber Manufacturing – MCVD, OVD, AVD
  • Water Vapor Flow Control

Product Type

Mass Flow Controller


Included in accuracy.


<±0.25% SP


1% of FS

Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)

100 slm (N2 equivalent)



Highest Flow Range
Proven, reliable technology

Response Time

<3 sec to within 2% of SP (per SEMI E17-91)

Zero Stability


Seal Material


Level of Purity / Surface Finish

Wetted Materials

316L, 316L VAR, & high alloy ferric SS

Valve Options

Normally Open
Normally Closed


Max Temperature


Differential Pressure Range

50 – 350 kPa (7 – 50 psid)

Max Pressure

1 MPa (145 psi)

Leak Integrity

1×10-10 atm cc/sec He (1×10-11 Pa m3 /sec)


Power Supply / Consumption

±15 Vdc @ 350 mA (max)

Electrical Connection

15-Pin “D” connector

Digital Communication

Analog Communication

0-5 Vdc

Diagnostic Capability

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