In its 40 years of history, Gometrics has built a great relationship with its customers in the area of industrial maintenance, offering an extensive portfolio of products and services in continuous evolution, the result of a firm commitment to service, excellence and innovation.

In addition to designing and manufacturing its own products, Gometrics actively collaborates with world-class brands in the areas of process instrumentation and industrial calibration.

In all product ranges, our technical team can ensure commissioning, after-sales service and training. The R&D&I department carries out customised projects, including the manufacture of customised equipment and the development of software applications.


Beamex belongs to the Finnish group Sarlin and is the leading provider of calibration solutions. Its main objective is to provide the best way to calibrate and use its technical expertise to develop products and services that improve its customers’ calibration processes. It develops, manufactures and markets high quality calibration equipment, in plant calibration management software, as well as benches and accessories for calibration and maintenance of process instruments.


Furness-Controls is an English company that has one of the most modern facilities for the design and manufacture of high technology products, which allows it to solve highly efficient customer requests. The product range includes flow measurement devices, pitot tubes, fugometers, low range transmitters and laminar flow elements.


Kambic is a Slovenian company dedicated to the manufacture of climatic chambers and temperature furnaces with the metrological requirements of high-end instruments. Its 25 years of experience in the field of design and production of laboratory and process equipment ensures its customers the best solutions. Thanks to their modern CNC-supported production facilities, they can achieve the highest level of quality at optimized costs.


Hanwell Instruments es una empresa británica fundada en 1990 que desarrolla y comercializa una amplia gama de sistemas de adquisición de datos por radio y soluciones de control para una gran variedad de sectores. Ofrece sistemas de registro de temperatura, humedad y presión diferencial para el sector farmacéutico (GMP Y GDP) cumpliendo la normativa 21 CFR Part 11 y FDA. Una mayoría de estos diseños son realizados gracias a la especialidad de Hanwell en radiotelemetría.


UNITED ELECTRIC is an international manufacturer of durable and reliable pressure and temperature switches, controls and sensors. Their main concern is to provide protection for equipment, processes and personnel in a variety of industrial applications. Their products range from simple units to highly specialized custom designs, which primarily perform alarm and shutdown functions or critical sensor inputs to control systems. Its reputation for reliable products is the result of innovative design, superior manufacturing techniques and a corporate focus on high quality standards.


Drastar is a leading South Korean company in liquid and gas pressure regulation technologies for laboratory and process applications. Its specialization is the manufacture of gas regulators, particularly the ultrahigh-purity pressure reducing regulator (VCR & Lock type) which is mainly indicated for the production line of semiconductors and regulators for liquids and gases suitable for any corrosive gas.


DK-Lok is a Korean company specializing in fittings, accessories and valves, able to ensure the provision of high quality products and service that meet the quality product needs of customers in the global high-tech industry.


Lives International provides the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry with the most advanced technology in validation and thermal mapping, as well as the latest advances in software. The continuous evolution of the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, medical equipment, and international standards require more reliability and better performance of thermal validation systems.


With more than 30 years of project experience, EP-E is Germany’s leading provider of solutions in the field of flow, pressure and leakage testing and gas measurement technology. It offers its customers tailor-made special solutions, standard solutions, software solutions, as well as calibrations and services, at the highest level of quality.