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Temperature calibration and characterisation of isothermal media

Temperature calibration

Temperature calibration and characterisation of isothermal media

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At Gometrics we have been accredited as a temperature and humidity calibration specialized laboratory temperature and humidity calibration laboratory. Our technical team has a lot of experience in the characterization of isothermal media.Based on our knowledge and experience in temperature measurement, we will explain briefly how we do it at
so that you can do the same with our temperature sensor and meter.
Themulti-channel temperature recording system par excellence from Gometrics.

[vc_text_separator title=”What is the characterisation of isothermal media based on?” title_align=”separator_align_left” color=”blue” css_animation=”none”]Characterization is a test method used for temperature and humidity measuring equipment. It consists of getting a detailed report of the stability and uniformity of a useful volume. At the same time, the results of the thermal characterization are used to calculate the uncertainty that contributes to the calibration of the characterized thermostatic baths.

In the case of isothermal media, we perform this service in equipment such as ovens, refrigerators, incubators, stability chambers, autoclaves, lyophilizers, cold chambers, among others. The aim of the characterisation is to check that, at each of the temperatures at which it works, the measurements are uniform. For this purpose, the stability and uniformity of the equipment in its useful area is assessed, in addition to knowing the useful volume of the isothermal medium.[vc_text_separator title=”How is the characterisation of isothermal media carried out?” title_align=”separator_align_left” color=”blue”]For temperature calibration, we place the gauges in the usable volume to monitor temperature and humidity. Thanks to this, we detect hot and cold spots and can determine the stability and homogeneity of the equipment. With the system
we achieve high reliability and accuracy in temperature measurements.

All the tests carried out are performed according to the UNE-EN ISO/IEC Standard and the technical note from
ENAC NT-04 17025

At Gometrics we have an ENAC accredited laboratory to perform temperature and humidity calibration of any isothermal medium. Do not hesitate to contact with us. Leave your equipment in the hands of our specialists and make sure that your media are correctly calibrated.

You will find us at C/ Basters, 17, 08184, Palau-solita i Plegamans, Barcelona.

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