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YOKOGAWA pressure, temperature and flow measurement instruments for industrial process measurement.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of test and measurement equipment, control systems and industrial process automation, with a worldwide presence. Gometrics is Yokogawa’s technological partner in Spain: we supply their solutions and we provide technical assistance to its customers in our country.

Founded in 1915 by Dr. Tamisuke Yokogawa, the Yokogawa company was a pioneer in the development of distributed control systems. Some of Yokogawa’s most prominent products include production control systems, test and measurement instruments, pressure transmitters, flow meters, oxygen analyzers and advanced process control.

Yokogawa controllers are robust and easy to use, and suitable for a wide range of control applications. They ensure highly reliable operation of production equipment, help improve product quality and contribute to factory productivity.

Gometrics can help you choose the best solution for your process. 

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Temperature transmitters

Yokogawa transmisor-temperatura

Pressure transmitters




Gas analyzers

Yokogawa transmisor GD402G

Temperature controllers

Yokowaga-Controlador-temperatura UT32A

Liquid analyzers