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DI-8CH portable case

The DI-8CH brake panel testing kit is a portable case designed to test the functioning of electrically-operated valves in panels and to measure the pressure values in the main circuits to prevent future incidents when testing the brakes on the RENFE TCR locomotive.

The case comprises 8 model M40 digital pressure gauges. Each indicator is assigned a duly identified pressure transducer.

These pressure gauges read the signal in from the pressure transducers and display them as pressures based on the range.

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Maleta portátil de presión G-586

G-586 portable case

The GOMETRICS G-586 Series portable electro-pneumatic calibration case is designed to generate and measure pressure.

It is equipped with two digital pressure gauges and a 4-20 mA electronic calibrator and includes a manual pressure generation system and fine tuning.

It is also equipped with a pressure regulator on the mains feed and pneumatic connections via push fit coupling.


MAN-01 Nitrogen recovery case

The MAN-01 portable case is designed to recover N² from aircraft tires for regulation and reuse in other functions, such as in lifting gear for changing wheels.

It comprises a model 1400 (or higher) case, a pressure regulator, a needle pressure gauge and a pair of 1.2 m input and output connection lines.