SLA7840 Metal Sealed Pressure Controller & Flow Meter

High purity flow path. Superior repeatability, stability and response time.

Models SLA7840

The Brooks model SLA7840 is a high purity metal sealed instrument that controls pressure while measuring flow rate. A remote pressure transducer signal, along with adjustable integral PID control electronics and a co-planar control valve, maintains the desired set pressure. The co-planar valve reduces sensitivity to pressure variations and offers lower leak-by rates compared to other metal sealed controllers ensuring a more stable process over time.


  • Integral pressure transducer
  • Response time: <1 second
  • Wide flow measurement range with full-scale flow rates from 0 – 3 sccm to 0 – 30,000 sccm
  • Max pressure 500 psig
  • All-metal seal flow path: 32µ inch Ra maximum surface finish
  • Co-planar valve offers lower leak-by rates
  • Multi-gas/multi-range capability allows for storage and pre-programming of up to 10 gas calibrations and ranges on a single device
  • DeviceNet® and analog communication options
  • Larger co-planar valve control range reduces sensitivity to pressure variations in the process, ensuring a more stable process over time
  • All metal wetted flow path to maintain particle, moisture and contamination free process conditions
  • Device can also be configured as a mass flow controller for calibration or test purposes
  • Multi-gas/multi-range capability reduces inventory
  • Greater control range provided by co-planar valve decreases number of parts needed to control the process
  • Compact, space saving footprint is easily retrofitable
  • Digital communication offers easy commissioning and reduced system wiring


Control Mode: Downstream or Upstream
Remote Transducer
Wide Flow & Pressure Range

Product Type

Pressure Controller & Flow Meter


Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)

Any range from 0 to 3 sccm to 0 to 30,000 sccm N2 Eq.


±1% of rate 20-100% F.S.
±0.2% F.S. < 20% F.S.


±0.2% of rate

Flow Temperature Coefficient

Zero: Less than 0.035% FS per °C
Span: Less than 0.1% of Rate per °C

Pressure Range

Dependent upon remote pressure transducer, maximum 500 psig.

Pressure Control Range


Response Time

< 1 sec typical for a 20-100% setpoint step with max 2% overshoot.
Actual pressure response depends on system design.


Max Pressure

500 psig

Ambient Temperature Range

Operating: 0°C to 60°C
Non-Operating: -25°C to 100°C
Fluid: 0°C to 65°C

Leak Integrity

Inboard to Outboard
1 x 10-10 atm scc/sec Helium max


Seal Material


Power Supply / Consumption

Analog: +15 Vdc, ±5% (traditional -15 Vdc pin is ignored)
DeviceNet™: 11 – 25 Vdc

Electrical Connection

Analog via 15-Pin “D” Connector
DeviceNet™ via 5-Pin “M12” Connector

Digital Communication


Analog Communication

0 – 5 Vdc

Diagnostic Capability



Valve Options

Normally Closed

Wetted Materials

316L Vacuum Arc Remelt (VAR)
High-Alloy Ferritic Stainless Steel
External/Internal Seals: Nickel
Valve Seat: 316L Stainless Steel – standard

Level of Purity / Surface Finish

32 µ inch Ra

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