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SLA10/20/40 Series

SLA5800 Series Elastomer Sealed Pressure Controllers

Automate your pressure control. Eliminate droop and hysteresis.

Models SLA5810 / SLA5820 / SLA5840

With a wide range of options and features available, the SLA5800 Series pressure controllers enable you to automate your pressure control and take advantage of the process consistency benefits from using a single platform when combined with our industry-leading SLA5800 Series mass flow controllers and meters.

The SLA5800 Series features high accuracy, high zero stability and high repeatability performance backed by our superior metrology systems and methods using primary flow calibration systems directly traceable to international standards.


  • Response time: <1 second
  • Full-scale flow rates up to 50 lpm
  • Maximum pressure: 4500 psig
  • SLA5840 with remote transducer combines the benefits of pressure control and flow measurement
  • Superior valve technology minimizes leak-by and maximizes turndown
  • Durable, robust metal top lid prevents damage during installation
  • Independent & easily accessible diagnostic/service port
  • Broad array of communication options including DeviceNet®, Profibus® and RS-485 plus analog interfaces


  • Closed loop control eliminates droop & hysteresis associated with traditional mechanical spring diaphragm pressure regulators
  • One of the widest pressure ranges available on the market
  • Fast valve response reduces overall gas panel cost and increases throughput
  • Easy-to-service modular design provides options for factory or field service maximizing uptime and reducing total cost of ownership
  • User-accessible service port simplifies installation, troubleshooting and diagnostic tasks without disturbing flow controller operation.
  • Multi-protocol communication interface simplifies integration into existing systems


  • Thin-film processes
  • Chemical and petrochemical catalyst research and pilot processes
  • Laboratory and analytical systems
  • Fuel cell technology
  • Life sciences bioreactors


Ratings Diagnostics Compliance

Product Type Pressure Controller
Differentiator Wide Pressure Measurement & Control Range
Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity) .003 – 50 lpm
Accuracy Pressure

±0.25% of Transducer FS (FS > 300 psia)
±0.12% of Transducer FS (FS < 300 psia)



Repeatability 0.20% SP
Flow Temperature Coefficient ±0.1% of FS per °C
Max Pressure Up to 50 lpm: 1500 psia / 100 bara
Up to 10 lpm: 4500 psia / 310 bara
Pressure Control Range Turndown 100:1 for FS from 1-50 lpm
50:1 for all other FS flows
Response Time System dependent
Temperature Range 0 – 65°C (32 – 149°F)
Leak Integrity 1 x 10-9 atm cc/sec He
Seal Material Elastomer
Valve Options Normally Closed
Normally Open
Wetted Materials 316L Stainless Steel
High Alloy Stainless Steel
Viton® fluroelastomers
Optional: Buna-N, Kalrez®, Teflon®/Kalrez®, and EPDM
Analog Communication 0-5 V, 1-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
Digital Communication DeviceNet™
Electrical Connection DeviceNet™
1 x M12 with threaded coupling nut (B)Profibus®
1 x 15-pin Male Sub-D
1 x 9-pin female Sub-DRS485
1 x 15-pin Male Sub-D, (A)
Power Supply / Consumption Analog / Profibus® / RS485
Valve Orifice > 0.032″: 8 Watts
Valve Orifice ≤ 0.032″: 5 Watts
Without Valve: 2 WattsDeviceNet™
Valve Orifice > 0.032″: 10 Watts
Valve Orifice ≤ 0.032″:  7 Watts
Without Valve: 4 Watts
Diagnostic Capability Available
Status Lights MFC Health
Network Status
Alarms Control Valve Output
Network Interruption
Diagnostic / Service Port RS485 via 2.5mm jack
Certifications/Approvals ATEX
EMC EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
CE: EN61326-1: 2006
Environmental Compliance RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU)
Size Medium
Price $$$

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