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DL760-18 Reference Temperature Reader and Datalogger

As a result of Gometrics’ experience in the world of industrial and laboratory instrumentation, the DL760-18 Reference Temperature Reader and Datalogger has been designed. It is a high-precision thermometer for use in a laboratory or on field.

In order to perform temperature calibrations or other type of thermal mapping tests, it is necessary to use instruments with low measurement uncertainty. This instrument allows you to read several temperature sensors at the same time with high precision.

The DL760-18 Reference Temperature Reader and Datalogger (also called RTMetrics system) allows the measurement of electrical quantities with their corresponding temperature correlations (thermocouples and thermoresistances).

This equipment is meant to operate as part of a system that includes reference temperature probes, calibration blocks and a data acquisition software. The system comes with a free-of-charge software for configuration of temperature channels.

This model needs to be connected through a USB port to a personal computer to run the software.

It has another communications port for multiple purposes such as connection with a calibration block or thermostatic bath, multiplexing systems or other automation systems.



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  • Accepts thermoresistances type RTD and thermocouple
  • Low measurement uncertainty and PC software available
  • Accepts direct reading of mV, V, mA and Ω


  • Calibration of thermoelements (Pt100 and Thermocouples)
  • Thermal mapping and thermal process monitoring
  • Automatic and smart temperature calibration systems


  • Excellent accuracy as a reference element
  • Response time up to 10 channels/second
  • Communicates with thermostatic baths and dry blocks


Display Communicates with PC software or tablet. A model version with display is available built into a compact portable robust box
Responding time 2 readings/sec
Input impedance > 10 MOhm (mV, T/C), 1 MOhm V and 5 Ohm (mA)
Power supply 230 Vca ± 10%, 50/60 Hz (optional 110 Vca)
Weight 1,5 Kg
Dimensions 200 x 223 x 90 mm
Storage temperature -10ºC to 60ºC
Operating time 0ºC to 50ºC
Room humidity 0% to 80% HR without condensation
Temperature coefficient ± 0.0005% RDG/ºC (only resistance measurement)
Temperature coefficient ± 0,001% RDG/ºC

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