MT3750 Series

MT3750 Series Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meters

Accurate low-flow measurement. Long-lasting performance in harsh environments.

Models 3750C

Need reliable, durable flow measurement in high-pressure, high-temperature or hazardous process settings? The MT3750 metal tube variable area low flow meter from Brooks Instrument is your hard-working answer.

Constructed from high-strength steel, the MT3750 Series VA low flow meter features a compact design and multiple threaded and flange connection options to make it easier to install and integrate into existing plants, as well as a cost-effective replacement for glass tube flow meters. Certified explosion proof, our low flow liquid flow meters also offer optional transmitters or inductive alarms for more advanced flow measurement and process data capture operations.


  • Low flow ranges: Up to 100 I/h or 26 gph
  • High pressure and temperature rating
  • Compact size
  • Multiple threaded or flanged connections
  • Large, easy-to-read indicator
  • No external power required
  • Optional accessories include needle valve, flow controllers and alarms
  • Available with 4-20 mA flow signal transmitter, and/or reed switch alarm signals or inductive alarms for high/low-flow conditions
  • Engineered for repeatable accuracy in low-flow rate applications with high-pressure or hazardous fluids
  • Stainless steel construction and compact size enables easier installation into tight spaces, hazardous environments or remote areas
  • Compatible with a wide range of liquids and gases
  • Multiple connection types enable use in multiple location in one plant or process
  • Optional alarms, transmitters and limit switch controllers provide added levels of measurement and control
  • Great replacement for glass tube flow meters (same lay length as Sho-Rate Series 1350)
  • Basic liquid or gas flow measurement
  • Rotating equipment flow measurement
  • Process analyzers
  • High-pressure flow on offshore oil platforms
  • Burner control
  • Gas chromatography
  • Chemical injection
  • Purge liquid or gas metering

Product Type

Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meter
Applications: Clean liquids, gases and steam



Less than 1% Full Scale


±5% Full Scale* / Class 4 VDI / VDE

±3% Full Scale / Class 2.5 VDI / VDE

Pressure Drop

See Capacities & Pressure Drop Tables in Data Sheet

Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)

Refer to Capacity Tables in Data Sheet

26 gph / 100 l/h*

110 scfh / 3.1 m3n/hr*



Broad, Low Flow Ranges
Perfect for high pressure and/or high temperature applications
Compact design
Good upgrade from glass tube meters
QuickShip Available

Metering Tube Material

316L Stainless Steel*

Monel K-500


Single* or Dual Detachable Aluminum Plate

Silver increments with black background

Scale Length


Scale Graduations

Choice of direct reading units, percentage of maximum flow with factor tag or linear

Process Connections

316 Stainless Steel: 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ NPT,1/4″ Rc (BSP) Female connections
316 Stainless Steel: 1/4:, 6mm Tube Compression
Monel K-500: 1/4″ NPT Female

Connection Materials

316L Stainless Steel*

Monel K-500

O-Ring Materials

Viton® fluoroelastomer*, Buna-N, Kalrez® fluoroelastomer*, PTFE Teflon, Ethylene Propylene


Die cast Aluminum (Alloy 380) with Epoxy Paint Coating and glass window

Float Material

Size 1 to 6: 316L Stainless Steel*

Size 0: Titanium

Optional Equipment


Max Pressure

Refer to Maximum Pressure Ratings Table in Data Sheet

1500 PSIG / 100 bar*

4000 PSIG / 276 bar

PED Categories

All sizes meet PED Category SEP

Ambient Temperature Range

-58 to 150°F / -50 to 65°C*

Max Temperature Range

-58 to 400°F*
-50 to 204°C*


International Calibration Certificate (ICC)
Material Certification
Liquid Dye Penetrant
Positive Material Identification
NACE MR 01-75 & MR 0103
Pressure Test Certificate
Oxygen Cleaning Certificate
Certificate of Conformance


Digital Communication

Analog Communication

4-20 mA



Reed Switch – All Sizes
Inductive Switch – All Sizes


4 – 20 mA

Diagnostics & Display

Transmitter Temperature Range

-20 to 180°F / -29 to 82°C

Alarm Temperature Range

Reed Switch: -20 to 250°F / -29 to 121°C
Inductive Switch: -20 to 158°F / -29 to 70°C

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