DPM-500 panel digital pressure gauge

DPM-500 digital pressure gauges are programmable calibration instruments based on a microprocessor that can be configured directly from the keyboard.

Features such as high and low alarm settings, alarm differential, reading storage (peak and valley), etc., are quickly and easily accessible, allowing the instrument to be adapted to any application or new requirements of the procedure.

The DPM-500 incorporates a “strain gauge” type pressure transducer in a box with front keyboard of standardized dimensions.


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  • Wide spectrum of input signal ranges
  • Incorporates two switched relays type SPDT 6A 220V (resistive)
  • Pressure measurement in industrial processes such as food, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical industries etc.
  • Fast and easy modifying of the configuration of high and low temperature alarms, differentials, reading storage
  • Four LEDs for indicating alarms and programming function
  • Insulation between input and output signals
Data sheet


Five-digit display of 12mm high 7-segment red LEDs


Min. 0-25 mbar and Max. 0-350 bar (0-1000 bar with remote sensor)


+0,25% FS or +0,10% FS


-19999 to 99999


1/40000 punts

Operational temperature

0 – 50 ºC

Relative humidity

0-95% without condensation

Temperature effect

± 0,02% / ºC

Process connection

1/8″ NPT H

Electric connection

Plug-in terminal blocks for 1.5mm2 cables with fixation screw

Power supply

220/110 V c.a. selectable (±10%)


48-62 Hz


Two switched relays type SPDT 6A 220V (resistive)


Analogica (optional) 0-10 V o 0/4-20 mA selectable via internal bridge and scalable according to programmed indications in the display


1/8 DIN – 48 x 96 x 180 mm


500 grams

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