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C-8B Nitrogen service trolley

C-8B Nitrogen service trolley

The equipment is manufactured by Gometrics for a range of pneumatic functions such as bottle filling (a maximum of 8/10 bottles up to 3100 psi) and input pressure regulation at different pressure ranges.

When the bottles are full, the C-8B unit can control the pressure in them via three pneumatic outputs, two of which the operator can individually adjust using a pressure regulator and their corresponding pressure gauges. The third output is the only one of the three that is preset in the factory using an internal regulator set and sealed at approximately 120 psi.

Pressure readings can also be taken from a pressure gauge associated with the output of this regulator.


  • Can carry 8 to 10 bottles pressurised to 3,000 psi, allowing great operating autonomy
  • The bottles can be recharged without removing them, through the control panel
  • Regulation at different pressure levels


  • Pneumatic functions such as bottle filling and input pressure regulation at various pressure ranges
  • Aircraft maintenance in airport maintenance hangars or on the runway itself


  • Power supply pressure: 3,100 psi, dry air or nitrogen
  • Output pressure high pressure: 3100 psi
  • Output pressure average pressure: 400 psi
  • Output pressure jacks pressure: 120 psi


Technical caracteristics of the trolley

Maximum speed for moving the equipment 25 Km/h
Maximum pressure of filling 3100 psi
Loading pressure in high pressure 3000 psi
Loading pressure in low pressure 400 psi
Number of bottles of the equipment 8/10
Geometric capacity per bottle40 LAir capacity per bottle 10 m³
Total air capacity per equipment 100 m³
Neumatic wheelsFront: 400-8 6
PR, Rear: 480-10 4 PR
Technical features control panel
Connections 3/8
AN Screw Ø 3/8 OD Internal materials
Stainless steal 316
Output pressure average pressure 400 psi
Output pressure jacks pressure 120 psi
Working temperature 0ºC to 60ºC
Wharehouse temperature -20 to 60ºC

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