The oil industry is another of our specialty sectors.

The main demand from oil refineries is for ATEX manometers, multifunction gauges, calibration panels, isotherm medium and transfer standards for pressure, temperature, humidity and gas flow, as well as digital manometers, electric current, pressure, thermoresistance or thermocouple simulators, and pneumatic pumps for calibration.

We also offer solutions for optimizing the management of instrument calibration, improving maintenance processes with the right software and integrated calibration solutions.

In addition, we supply process pressure switches and thermostats, fittings, tubing, pipes and valves for laboratories and pressure regulators.

For research centers and gas analyzer maintenance laboratories, Gometrics has developed several instruments for gas dilution and precise blending, designed for field or laboratory use.

Besides calibration services for process instruments in plants, we offer transfer standards recalibration services in our own laboratories or on site, and we issue ENAC (equivalent to UKAS) or factory certificates.

Instruments and calibration equipment for the oil industry

For the oil sector, we offer ATEX manometers, multifunction calibrators, calibration benches, gas mixing instruments, transfer standards and the usual maintenance accessories

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