Gometrics is a specialist in technical services and solutions for the gas industry. We are experts in instrument calibration and maintenance processes. For these operations we use a range of software and integrated calibration solutions.

We supply equipment for the maintenance departments of compression stations, inventory and distribution infrastructures and production plants, in particular, ATEX pressure gauges, multifunction gauges, calibration dry blocks, temperature probes and their accessories, generation pumps, pressure stabilizers and regulators.

We also offer pressure switches, fittings and valves for plants or compression stations.

Our professional field pressure calibration services have ISO/IEC 17025 (ENAC) certification.

For research centers and laboratories, we recommend reference pressure and gas flow standards, and offer our own MGP2 instrument designed for accurate gas dilution and mixing.

Instrumentation and calibration solutions for the gas industry

We supply ATEX manometers, multifunction gauges, calibration benches, transfer standards and gas mixing solutions to compression stations, distribution infrastructures and processing plants

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