Gometrics Instruments® announces the launch of a compact industrial gas mixer designed for seamless creation of gas blends in the lab or in the field. It is an innovative, reliable and customizable solution capable to cover essentially all the processes in the industry where a precise gas blend is required either continuously or at user-defined time frames. The instrument is smart as it will create the mix desired by the user. To operate the IGM the instrument needs to be connected to the gas cylinder standards and a very straightforward setup is designed to configure the tests through its intuitive user interface.


Thanks to its versatile and IP protected software, the IGM will allow the engineer, science researcher or plant technician to optimally generate the required gas blend in a matter of seconds. Typical applications include calibration of gas detectors, linearity analysis for analyzer verification, packaging for the preservation of food, material surface treatments, incubators and biochemical reactors.


It is a product manufactured in Barcelona by Gometrics Instruments engineers. Its design has prioritized precision, versatility, simplicity of use and safety. Optionally it can be supplied with an EN17025 accredited certificate in gas flow. Of course the after-sale commitment by GOMETRICS will ensure a long life.

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