Good news!

Gometrics has proven its innovative character over the last few years through its
activity of design and development of measuring instruments. The company has thus obtained the recognition of innovative SME,  issued by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Mineco), according to order ECC / 1807/2015 which regulates the delivery of the stamp for small and medium-sized innovative companies based on research, and the creation and regulation of the procedure of public registration of innovative SMEs.

The ministerial order enables its identification and helps the subsequent formulation of specific policies. It also means an affirmation of the policies established to support companies investing in R & D and an alignment with the European strategy according to which it is intended to establish mechanisms that allow the growth and sustainability of SMEs that bet on innovation.

Since its beginnings in the 70’s, the Gometrics team has demonstrated its entrepreneurial ability and talent for innovation and customer service. Thanks to your efforts in this regard, Gometrics currently offers a extensive range of instruments > And solutions of great quality and precision, many of them with decades in service in the industry.

Innovation is in our DNA!