Our team of professionals is committed to the continuous improvement and technical quality of our solutions and service excellence.
Building on a specialization started by its founders over 40 years ago, Gometrics today provides reliable calibration solutions and recording, regulating, alarm and control systems for the most common process magnitudes in the industry.

Through exclusive agreements with leading companies in their fields, making them genuine strategic partners of Gometrics, we are able to offer the most suitable process control, instrument calibration and maintenance solutions. The range of options also includes minimum uncertainty applications, with primary and transfer standards for ENAC accredited laboratories.

Gometrics has a permanent laboratory and offers professional calibration, systems qualification and field process validation services.
As a manufacturer, we are able to adapt to all your requests.

Our areas of technical expertise are:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Electric signals
  • Gas flow
  • Liquid flow
  • Humidity
  • Mass
  • Analytics
  • Volume

        We help our customers to achieve
        consistently tangible results in their
        processes, in terms of quality,
        safety and efficiency

What makes us stand out from the rest:


    • Young team of approximately 25 professionals, of which 85% are technicians and engineers
    • Range of products from leading represented brands and technically advanced solutions
    • More than 40 years of history as instruments manufacturer and solutions provider
    • Innovative SME, with recognized patents
    • On site calibration services (numerous magnitudes)
    • Experience in qualification and validation
    • Commitment to quality
    • Dedicated technical service and maintenance personnel


  • International presence, exporting to more than 30 countries
  • Respect for the environment, and the safety and health of our clients and workers


Some of our products and services:


  • Supply of instruments for recording, regulation, alarm and process control systems (pressure regulators, temperature recorders, level switches and thermostats, leak meters)
  • Calibration solutions for the maintenance and quality control of process instruments (calibrators, benches, panels, software, pressure generators, dry blocks, fittings)
  • Primary and transfer standards for laboratories (pressure, flow, gas concentration)
  • Instrument calibration service on site or in our premises
  • Thermal characterization service for warehouses, chambers or isothermic media
  • Systems qualification and IT validation
  • Climate chambers and gas mixers/blenders
  • Specialized training

We work with a range of industries:

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